Kerala, a state in India, is well-known for its beautiful green terrain and coastline, which are particularly beautiful. When people see people from the state of Kerala dressed in white, they are filled with a sense of tranquility and purity, which is brought to the forefront of their minds. They dress in gowns with soothing hues; the traditional clothing of Kerala is the “Mundu,” which is a gender-neutral dress that was initially used as a short skirt. They often wear jewelry. It is similar in appearance to the dhoti or even a long skirt, and the upper attire is different depending on gender and age.

Traditional dress for women



Mundum-Neriyathum is the traditional clothing of Kerala, which is worn by women of all ages. Mundum is a typical piece of cloth that is low in height and made up of two pieces of cotton. This person’s Mundum has become worn around their hips, but not below their navel.

The piece of fabric is whitish or creamy, and as a result, it has a colored stripe along the edge, known as the Kara or border. Females from Kerala state use the Mundu in a variety of styles that differ from those worn by females from Christian families. The term “Neriyathum” refers to the upper garment of Kerala’s traditional attire, which is worn over the shoulders. Traditionally, women in Kerala wear it over their blouses with one end knotted in a Mundum as well as the other end draped over their torsos.

Traditional dress for men



In comparison to females in Kerala, Malayali males are significantly more conservative, and their traditional attire is Mundu. This is worn like a long dress by the women. Keralan men typically wear their sarees around their waists and down to their ankles. Many men don’t cover themselves above the waist, while those from the higher castes at the very least put a towel-like fabric across their shoulders.

Kasava Mundu is a traditional garment worn by Hindu men in Kerala, and it is made of cotton. Especially popular in rural and remote places, this outfit is incredibly comfortable. This dress is made of a single piece of cloth that is three to four meters in length from the silken border to the bottom of the dress. Lungis and kelly are also worn by the guys, which serve as more relaxed attire.

While walking out of the home, the men wear a shirt & tie a Mundu over their waists to protect their clothes. In addition, they should raise Neriyathum over their shoulders also apply a glue of slippers to the area between their brows and chest, which will give them a highly dignified and royal aspect.

Kerala’s culture

Kerala’s culture and heritage are something that everyone should take the time to appreciate. Kerala’s culture is a fusion of Indian and Dravidian influences, as evidenced by its cuisine. This culture is now being impacted by the neighboring states as well, which is a positive development. Kerala’s most distinctive feature is its performing arts, which include Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, and the Kalaripayattu Martial Art. When it comes to Kerala’s cultural heritage, it can be argued that this heritage has a unique and significant place in Indian history. Kerala’s national integrity is ensured by the state’s heritage.

Kerala’s culture and tradition may be seen in the state’s numerous forms of art, martial arts, clothing, people, and cuisine, among other things. When visiting Kerala, make sure to attend a cultural art event. The various art performances are available for visitors to enjoy in Kerala.

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