You must know Uttarakhand by the name of Dev Bhoomi. It is considered to be the vibrant states of India. The state is also rich and famous for its yummy and delicious dishes. People from different corners of India and abroad come here to have a bite of the tasty dishes of this state. Apart from this, the state is also known for its traditional attires. The people of this state are lovely and peaceloving. They are polite and have wonderful hospitality. Uttarakhand is a great tourist destination. It remains crowded with visitors throughout the year.

Traditional dress of men in Uttarakhand:

The men of this state have a particular dress. They love to wear it. It is found that most men in this district prefer to wear this dress. Men wear pajama and kurta or churidar. They wear a kurta which is up to the knee length. The pajama is a fitting one. The shirt is made of various fabrics. You can wear the suitable one. With kurta and pajama, men wear a half coat. They wear a topi or a pagri. This is a mandatory one for the men. Topi is worn by middle-aged men, and pagri is worn by the olderly people. During wedding, the groom of Uttarakhand wears yellow-colored kurta and dhoti. They look great in this dress.

Kumaoni Men:

They wear pyajama and kurta. They wear slippers so it can help them to comfortably work on the rugged areas of the hill.

Jaunsari tribe:

They wear colorful jewelries like bangles and necklaces. This makes them unique. The men wear a woolen cap known as Digwa.

Bhoatia tribe:

The men of this tribe wear trousers and gown-like dress as they reside in a cool climate.

Traditional Dress of Uttarakhand

Traditional dress of women in Uttarakhand:

Most Uttarakhand women wear saree after their marriage. They prefer to wear silk and chiffon sarees as they are easy to wear and manage. They wear the saree in a usual way through pleats. The only difference in their mode of wearing the saree is that the pallu is placed and tied around the waist to show that it is well-decorated and embroidered. On the other hand, the saree pallu also does not interfere in their work. This also allows them to carry out their hard jobs easily. Most women in the Uttarakhand region are hardworking people. They work in various tea estates and other hilly areas.

Kumaoni women:

The kumaoni women wear Ghagra with choli and Odhni. The bridal dress of this region is beautifully decorated with stones and embroidered. It will easily draw the attention of the buyers. The women wear jewelries with the dress. They prefer wearing heavy jewelries.

Jaunsari tribe:

The women of this tribe wear Ghagra and a woolen coat. They also wear a scarf known as Dhantu.

Bhoatia tribe:

They live in a cold climate. The women of this tribe wear long dresses and a coat to protect from cold.

Final thoughts:

It is found that the people of Uttarakhand are colorful and beautiful. They have a fabulous dressing taste that makes them attractive in all aspects. Most people who come to this state love to explore its beauty and costumes. The women look great in their traditional dress.

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