Odisha is one of the most spectacular states, enclosed with West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh. The state is popularly known for its religious population and unique culture. The customs, historical monuments, art music, architecture, languages, and dance forms coupled with stunning traditional costumes make Odisha a perfect place to visit. The reflection of Odisha’s rich culture and history has shown in the costumes worn by local people.Since the ancient period, it is known for its classical dance, vocals, and costumes.The fact is, it was the battlefield of the Kalinga war fought by King Ashoka.

In addition to festivals & attires, the state has a rich culture and architecture developed under the leadership of Ganga and Keshari kings defining the glorious past of Odisha. The people of Odisha prefer wearing colourful attires commonly made of silk. If you’re interested to know more about the costumes they are currently wearing, check out the mentioned details:

Traditional Dress of Odisha

Traditional Dress of Men in Odisha:

  • Dhoti

Dhoti is one of the traditional dresses worn by men of many cultures of Odisha. It is white cotton wrapped around the waist to cover the bottom of the body. Dhoti is made in Odisha different from others as it has a beautiful border of brick colour and the rest piece of cloth is white.

  • Shambalpuri

Shambalpuri is a short version of regular kurta worn by men in Odisha. The attire is available in different types of prints, colours and designs loved by both adults and youngsters. During the ceremonies like weddings, engagements, the regular kurta with sleeves having light print and patchwork are worn by Odisha men.

  • Payjama

Kurta is incomplete without Pyjama, mostly Pyjama is simple and has white colour.

  • Sherwani

Most of the grooms in Odisha prefer to wear Sherwani during their wedding. The costume is similar to other parts of India. In the state, this dress is decorated with heavy embroidery on it.

Traditional Dress of women in Odisha:

  • Sambhalpuri Saree

It is a traditional costume for the women living in Odisha. It is a hand-knit ikat in which the weft and warp are tied together before the weaving process. This attire is considered by the female of every age and worn on every occasion. You can also buy surat sarees online in India.

  • Khandua Saree

Another type of saree is very special for every woman in Odisha as it is culturally special and aesthetically attractive. This is because that the lord Jagannath is designed with it.

  • Shanka Palaa

The unique accessory namely Shanka Palaa is only by brides in Odisha during their wedding. It is a pair of the white and red bangle which is mandatory in various parts of the state.

Final Thoughts:

The state is home tovarious cultures include Dravidian, Aryan and Adivasi. Festivals like ChandanYatra, Rath Yatra, Snan Yatra, Durga Puja and Kali Puja are an essential part of the state, which are celebrated with gaiety. Besides this, it is popular for its dance forms and colourful outfits.

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