The State of Assam has a special significance. It is also one of the seven sisters state located in the southern part of the eastern Himalayas. The residents of Assam are known as Osomiya. They have particular culture and heritage that makes them unique from others. If you carefully notice them, you will find that their culture is almost similar to the Burmese, Mongolian, and Aryan culture. The tribes of this state have particular significance. They have a particular dress and rituals to follow.

Two religions influence Assam culture. You must be interested to know about it. The first one is “Satras”. In the Assamese language, it is known as “Sotro”. The Vaishnavis influence them. This was founded by the founder of the Assamese culture, Sankardeva. The second one is “Naamghar”. This is the house of names. The Vaishnavi Hindus come here to offer prayers to God. If you speak about the culture and heritage of Assam, you will get to know that it is rich in both its heritage and rituals. They always give particular preference in maintaining it in the best possible manner.

Traditional Dress of Assam

Traditional dress of men in Assam:

Assamese men look handsome in their traditional dress. It is beautifully made with unique designs and looks. Let us explore some of the unique Assamese dresses for men.

  • Tongali is one of the main attire of Assamese men. It is worn just like a waistcloth. It looks like a belt. This dress is mainly worn during the Bihu festival. The majority of people of Assam are farmers or cultivators. Thus Tongali is worn to keep the shirt and the dhoti tightly.
  • Dhoti is another unique dress of this state. It is worn from the waist. The men prefer to wear dhoti in white, cream, or yellow color. The length of the dhoti cloth is 5 yards. One part of the dhoti is bought till the knee length. It is worn during any religious festival.
  • Kurta is the globally accepted dress. It is one of the special dresses for Assamese men. It is a loose shirt that is worn with the dhoti. The kurtas are available in silk and cotton material. It is not a traditional attire of Assam but has a special significance.
  • Paghuri is a beautiful traditional dress of men in Assam. This dress is considered to be a part of Neo Vaishnavi culture. This dress is worn during Sattriya dance. You must have seen that most men wear this dress. It is also worn during any cultural festival.

Traditional dress of women in Assam:

Most Assamese women look beautiful in their traditional dress or attire. They have some sarees and dresses which are worn during special occasions. The girls look stunning in this attire. Their dresses are also sent to other states and parts of the country. Many people, apart from being Assamese like to wear these dresses.

  • Sador is one of the primary traditional Assamese dresses for women. It is worn from the left shoulder and crosses the lower waist on the right side. Sador is available in various colors and fabrics. Sador is available in silk and muga fabric.
  • Mekhla is one of the famous Assamese dresses for women. It is such a special attire which people of other religions wear. It is a cylindrical dress that starts from the waist and ends to lower feet. Mekhla is available in silk and cotton fabric. In Assam, you can get mekhlas made of handloom materials. Chador is worn on the upper part, while Mekhla is on the lower part.
  • Riha is another dress which is worn during festive periods. Riha is worn with Mekhla and Chador. Girls wear Riha during puja and Annaprashana. You can also get motif-filled Riha.

Some special occasions of Assam:

Bihu is one of the famous festivals of Assam. This festival is celebrated as Rongali, Magh, and Kati Bihu. Each of these festivals is celebrated during different times of the year. On the other hand, Ambubachi is another famous festival in Assam. It is celebrated in the Kamakhya temple. The mela is organized during this period near the temple area. In this festival, Devi Kamakhya is cleaned and washed with milk and water. Other rituals are also followed after this program. It is a four-day festival where you can witness saints and Tantriks coming from various corners of the country. It is celebrated in the state and has special importance among the natives of Assam.


Assam is a beautiful state rich in heritage and culture. Every year people accumulate to this state to witness and be a part of its beauty. In addition to this, the dress of this state plays a significant role among the travelers. It is beautifully crafted, and everyone looks excellent in this wear.

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