Rajasthan has a vibrant Rajputana cultural legacy that remains scored in today’s lifestyle of people. Superior empires such as the Rajputs and Marathas have contributed to the state’s diverse and rich history. The eternal people of Rajasthan follow the concept of “Atithi Devo Bhava that refers to guests as equal to God.

The popular hospitable folk song of ‘Padharo Mhare Desh’ showcases the spirit of the people when they come to their land for tourists and visitors. It is one of the most ornate and enriching states of India. Apart from culture and customs, the traditional costumes worn by both men and women of Rajasthan give them a unique visual charm.

The traditional clothing worn by women in the state includes chunar/odhni, ghagra, choli, Kurtisalong with traditional heavy ornaments, which represent their festival life. On the other hand, a traditional dress worn by men in Rajasthan comprises Pagri, Bandhgalas, Pyjamas, Dhotis, Patka, and Angarkha. Let’s talk more about them:

Traditional Dress of Rajasthan

Traditional Dress of women in Rajasthan:

  • Kanchli or Choli

The traditional costume Gharga is usually paired-up with short Kurtis or blouses, popularly known as choils. These attires are made up of silk or cotton, are elaborated with mirror-work, embroidery, sequins, shells and coral.

  • Ghagras

The ghagra is very similar to the third-fourth skirt, which flares up to the ankles and narrows till the waist. The reason they are small is to provide reflectivity to the foot ornaments. They are available in different types of colours and are designed with Bandhej, Leheria, Mothra, Chundri prints. This traditional costume is made up of cotton, crepe, chiffon, georgette and scattered with unique borders, embroidery and JaipuriGota-Patti work.

  • Chunari

Chunari or Odhni complete the traditional costume of Rajasthani women. It wears above the blouse & tucked into the waist where the skirt starts. This long piece of cloth is available in a wide range of prints, fabrics, colours and designs.

Traditional Dress of men in Rajasthan:

  • Pyjamas and Dhoti

Pyjamas and Dhoti are paired-up with Kurta or Angrakha. Dhoti is completely unstitched whereas Pajamas is loose & stitched trouser typically made of cotton. Rajasthani Men like to wear white colours Dhoti or Pajamas in day to day life. On occasions, they wear silk dhoti with a zari border which signifies the desire of people to lead a simple life.

  • Pagri

Pagri, commonly known as Tubran, Safa, Paag is one of the essential parts of the traditional costume of Rajasthani men as it signifies the honour and pride of Rajasthanis. This long piece of cloth is wrapped around the head as headgear and is especially won on various occasions.

  • Bandhgala

Bandhagala is quite similar to jackets or blazers. The high-quality fabric is used to design it, making it ideal for all types of occasions. It can also be paired up with kurtas and simple Dhotis.

Final Thoughts:

The Rajasthani dressmaking brings a lot of uniqueness and classic essence along with modern adaptations.The culture of Rajasthan is visible in the vast expanse of desert, vibrant arts and ancient palaces, forts, and traditional clothing.

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